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Untamed Sun

Untamed Sun


Category: Poetry   Romance  
Language: English
Author: Clifford Woods
This is a book of some of my poems. I wrote these at various times over the past 10 or so years and usually in response to some life situation. It could have been some unusual strife, a bad day or just because I felt like it and was feeling rather light that day. They are poems about love, loss, heartache, whimsical fancy or just plain playing around with words - what I call a bit of "word smithing". In either case, they are all original, unique and were fun to write. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them. UntamedSun (A dedication) There are some beings inthis universe Who defy the normallyapplied adjectives They love to converse And are not easilydeterred from their objectives Their sights are mountainhigh Which they consider low Their normal 'look" isbeyond the sky And they do not 'go withthe flow' Such beings are as untamedsuns Shining, shining andforever shining Their lives are full oflaughter and puns And they are alwayssmiling I've met a few of them And life was never thesame thereafter They make one wantto take life's helm And steer a better courseinto the hereafter To those of us fortunateenough to meet them I say, with all duedeference, do not try to stop one Cause they areuntamable suns Instead, hold on to yourhelm Become an untamed one And shine like the sun,the untamed sun! Clifford Woods

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