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This is eMag+

In the beginning

Alive Software Inc. was started in Toronto Canada. We wanted to bring a bit of spark to the digital publishing world. And we wanted to do it with software that was nice to look at and easy to use. Our first product ePageCreator was released in 2010.

ePageCreator - 2010

iCreateApp - 2013

Mag2GO - 2015

Today we're different, but still the same

Since then, the company has grown. We are now have our 4th project eMag+. But we’ve held on to the spirit with which we began: be genuine, listen to customers, and keep it beautifully simple.

eMag+ is the world’s freshest and fastest-growing online publishing platform and all you can read digital magazine newsstand.

Publishers can transfer their magazines from print to digital with a few clicks. Our software creates custom apps that allow publishers to connect with their target audiences at all times. Publishers eliminate the upfront costs related with printing their magazines, increase their audience exponentially,present a world-class reading experience, and focus on providing high-quality content while sharing in the revenue produced by that high-quality content.

Using eMag+ is like visiting your local library, without leaving your home or office. Browse by available titles, category, region, or keyword to discover the titles that appeal to you. You can even have your favorite titles automatically added to a reading list you can access by logging into your account from any device. It’s Netflix for magazines!

Besides the clear benefits of accessability, portability, and affordability, using eMag+ enhances your reading experience. Publishers can embed video, audio, polls, links to websites, and other bonus content to their magazines at no extra charge. Readers can rate and comment on publications and even crop and share pages on social media.

Our all you can read model is extremely popular, but we realize some people may simply want to read one or two titles a month. Not to worry — you can subscribe to individual titles or even just buy individual issues and still receive all the other wonderful benefits of an eMag+ subscription!

Save trees, gas, time, and money by joining us at eMag+ today.

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